Watch Us Lead

A Women-Led Collective of fearless business leaders.

A Women-Led Collective of fearless business leaders.

We break the status quo by building bold & profitable businesses that fund our impact.

It’s time to break the status quo.

Watch Us Lead is a women-led collective of forward-thinking entrepreneurs across a range of industries ready to lead the path toward a more just and inclusive society and legal system. We embrace innovation, collaboration, and purposeful disruption. 

Each week, Kimberly Bennett hosts our weekly live show inspiring business leaders to build bold, impactful, and sustainable businesses. Then, we continue our conversation here, in our Watch Us Lead after-show community!

Ready to lead impactful change and discuss real topics... JOIN US (it's free!).

A bit more about The Collective...

We understand the change we want to see requires an investment - in time, in energy, and financial resources. As established entrepreneurs, we use the power of business ownership to fund the impact we want to see. And, many of us fund our impact through the creation of fearless and profitable businesses built on recurring revenue. Our businesses provide us with the financial stability, energy, and power to lead the next generation of social impact entrepreneurs and fearless business leaders.

We are disruptors with a purpose.
We are risk-takers and change agents.
We are courageous, creative, and curious.

We are leaders in industries ripe for change.

And, we are ready to unleash our inner activist to lead the change we want to see in our personal, professional, and public lives.

Our motto: #WatchUsLead

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Are you ready to fund your impact with a business built on recurring revenue?

Are you ready to build a profitable and sustainable business that does good?

Do you want strategic support and accountability to make shit happen?

Do you want guidance on design and business strategy?

Are you ready to bring intention and innovation to your impact?

Let's chat about how we can help you talk your business to the next level.

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